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  • Customised solutions to suit your organisation
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce errors
  • Streamline business processes
  • Optimise IT investment
  • Improve morale



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At ACB Link we believe in robust software, that is easy to use and maintain, that integrates well with other systems and that endures. We believe in best-practice. We aspire to a world where software development projects are delivered on time and budget, where team members understand their role, requirements are correctly delivered and clients are satisfied.

Does your business need more efficient processing? Are your employees spending too much time on manual capture? Are your IT projects always late and over budget?

Our solutions assist small and large businesses with effective and automated solutions that will reduce staff workload and save time. We are problem solvers – we love to address the primary areas of pain.

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Account Verification

Our ACAPS product (ACB Link Collection and Payment System) enables you to check bank account details according to the latest banking information as well as against the account holder’s ID number or company registration number. This reduces transactional errors, saving you unnecessary bank charges, preventing fraud and optimising your cash flow.

Invoice Collection

Software Development

We know how to do it right. We'd love to help your organisation deliver robust software on time. We offer guidance and assistance in all aspects of technology. We can streamline your software development methodology to find a good fit for your organisation. We can also develop software to meet your requirements.

Integration Solutions

We love it when systems talk nicely to each other. There are many examples of employees retyping data from a report into another system. We have helped our clients automate these processes, saving time and thus money, avoiding errors and improving the quality of work for staff. 


There are many examples of IT projects going wrong. Over budget, deadlines missed. With our extensive knowledge and experience in best practice, we can apply robust and practical principles to suit your organisation. It is our burning desire to see IT projects implemented well.